Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Le Blanc de Chanel Sheer Illuminating base

One year ago I even didn't know about the make-up base. I had no need in it and really didn't understand the girls using it. But times changes and already  half a year I am a proud owner of a legendary base from Chanel. Do I like it?

It is a liquid water-based and silicone face primer that prepares your skin for make-up and gives it a subtle luminosity. The primer is in a glass semi transparent matte bottle, very stylish and nice.

The base comes with a white plastic spatula for scooping the product out of the bottle

Frankly speaking this spatula irritates me. I would prefer a pump dispenser, it is so easier.


I didn't make photos on my face because it is difficult to see the difference.

And now my opinion.
The primer has a creamy thin texture. It hides the pores and drought lines, but not completely. It  brightens the complexion and smooths the skin.
But (there is always a BUT) when I used it the first time I was not satisfied, because it made my face whiter. Of course, it was summer and I had tan, so I decided to use this primer only in fall/winter times when my skin color is not so dark. For summer I have bought Guerlain primer (oh, it is also my must have!)

I have not used it yet with the foundation, only with a powder or BB cream. I can say it works perfect: they stay on longer and I can be sure with my make up the whole day from the early morning to the late evening.

The primer can be also mixed with the foundation to achieve a lighter shade or apply it to the foundation as a luminous cloud on the cheekbones, the forehead and the nose.

I don't use all the options but I am very satisfied with my Le Blanc - it is my friend forever.

Price -  39 euro
Rating - 5