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Collistar Nude Look Fall/Winter Collection 2013/2014

While autumn\winter collections from Guerlain and Lancome are filled with a riot of colors, and Chanel and Dior  run mad after metallic-cosmic look
This "innocence" surprised me, because Collistar is associated for me  with something bright, shiny and glittering. Let's compare, for example, fall-winter collections from previous years.

Collistar Make-up collection Autumn/Winter 2009: Couture!

 Collistar Carisma Autumn/Winter collection 2011/2012

we will see how different they are from the  2013 collection. In previous ones there are too much colors, they are more like summer or Christmas collection.
But Collistar Milano Collection for winter 2012 by Collistar is more calm
On the promo photo is a charming Dutch model Rihanna ten Haken, which has often been the face of Collistar.  For example, autumn-winter collection 2009
The collection consists of eye pencils, eye shadow, powder, blush, concealer, lacquers, lip glosses, lip elixir, and topcoat with an art-pen.

But, seriatim

Let's begin with the eye pencils. There are four pencils, and one of them (the upper one) can be used for lips also.
Collistar Professional Eye-Lip Pencil Butter

Professional pencil for lip contour and eyes in interesting color "butter"(probably, the creators wanted to emphasize the lightness and softness of the application, and perhaps color), is ideal for giving freshness and openness of view. This soft pencil contains vitamin E, jojoba oil and cotton oil and it moistures and protects the lips.
  Of course, it is not new, we can find the analogues of the nude  pencils among other brands: Dolce & Gabbana eyeliner # 9 nude, Dior Lipliner # 00 1 - Nude, Chanel № 69 Clair, etc.

Collistar Professional Eye Рencil Smoky Eyes  are available in three colors

#301 Black
#302 Brown
#303 Forest Green
They are fairly common colors, but the zest is that they are more powdery and matte than the usual professional pencils, completely waterproof, and, the most important, they can be used as well a classic eyeliner, as kajal and shadows, using the applicator.  
Convenient, is not it?

The price - 16,50euro

Collistar Silk Effect Eye Shadow

Eye shadow with silk effect are available in three matte brown colors with can be used solo of can be combined



I didn't tested  these shadows, but I have a small collection of Collistar eye shadows from different series, so I can say that the quality is high and I was very satisfied.

 Price - 16,50 euro

Collistar Silk Effect Compact Powder

Compact powder is absolutely transparent, it adapts to your skin color and gives a matte effect, minimizes flaws and evens the complexion. This allows you to keep the foundation color unchanged, and give a skin a porcelain finish.

 Price - 30,95 euro

Collistar Silk Effect Maxi Blusher

Déjà vu - this warm coral  blusher is very similar to the one from the last year's fall collection

Price -  30,95 euro

Collistar CC Perfection — Universal pre-make-up Concealers

That thing has to be interesting. It's not just a set. It is  4 allies in a struggle for  perfect skin. One primer and three concealers with different functions 1) amber to conceal blemishes and dark circles, 2) green to neutralize redness, 3) and purple to brighten tired, sallow skin. All products are waterproof.

 Price - 31,50 euro

Collistar Lip Elixir Lip Elixir Nourishing Oil
Nourishing lip elixir with argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin E.  It moistures the lips, they stay soft and not sticky for a long time.

 Price -  20,50 euro

Collistar Gloss Nail Lacquer Gel Effect

Nail lacquer with gel effect is available in two soft pink colors. 

 # 513 Neutral French
#514 Elegant Pink

These two subtle colors perfectly complement the nude collection and harmonized perfect with the other products.
I have almost the whole collection of gel lacquer, so I can say that the quality is excellent. Every lacquer is easy to apply, it gives a stunning gel finish gel and stays up to 5 days.

 Price -  7,50 euro

Collistar Gloss Laquer Design®

 Lacquer lipgloss has four shades
№25 petal lacquer
№26 seashell lacquer 
№27 aurora lacquer 
№28 dusty pink lacquer

Price -  19,95 euro

Collistar Top Coat Gel & Volume Effect + Art Pen

To get a mirror effect transparency, combine Top Coat Gel & Volume Effect, which Collistar offers again for the fall winter collection 2013, with the two new shades of Art Pen: Gold and Black. These items are perfect to add a playful touch of nail art to the nude look of your nails. And, during the evenings, is perfect for a more daring and seducing look.

Топовое покрытие с гель-эффектом можно использовать соло для зеркального эффекта и можно в качестве финального штриха в маникюре для придания гелевого эффекта.
В комплекте также идет карандаш для декора, представлен в черном и золотом оттенках.

Overall, the collection is  very modest, gentle and harmonious, especially I liked the make-up on a promo-photo, although many of the products, unfortunately, are not unique. For example, transparent powder can be found among other brands, so this one did not surprise me. Eyeliners, too, are not unique, but nice that they can be used as well an eyeliner as an eyeshadow. But I liked the beige one - very convenient that it can be used for lip contour and for eyes to give the look of freshness. So, it goes definitely in my shopping list.
An interesting and necessary products, to my opinion, are the concealers. Four products in one - it is very easy to use.
A lip elixir ? The word " elixir " is already causing some pleasant feelings and a desire to try.
The fact that the collection has no lipstick but only lip glosses surprised me. But  I came to the conclusion that it's part of idea. The color are so soft and natural and are similar to the lips' natural color.
The art pen does not fit into the overall concept of nude look, but I like it and as soon as possible I will buy it.

 What do you think about this collection?

 Photos are from and also from   hier, hier, and hier

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