Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch в оттенке №2 Ivory

About this fabulous little thing there were written a lot of posts and I want to add my two cents about the highlighter ISL.

A little bit of history. It was not a love at first sight. I decided to buy it after my girlfriend's positive reactions on it. One year ago, standing by the YSL corner and twirling the "magic pen", I asked the shop-assistent  to put it under my eyes. Maybe the girl did it not very good, maybe the light at the shop was inappropriate but I did not like the effect.  The highlighter underlined all visible and invisible wrinkles, it was noticeable, I couldn't handle it. Therefore I have bought  a lipstick and went away...

But six months later began a period of sleepless nights (my daughter was ill), the doctors and the nurses advised me to leave the crying baby in their care and to go home to get some sleep. For my Slavic nature such behavior is not typical, and remembering the YSL, I rushed to the store. Flown into the shop and pointed to the highlighter said, "I want this ", I rushed back to the hospital. And the long-awaited moment: I put it on with a bit of mascara, powder, base et voilà - my fatigue disappeared. My husband came to see me and asked amazedly, "Have you got already good sleep? " Oh,yes - 4 hours sleep (just  like Napoleon) is enough:D

And now the technical characteristics.
The product itself is housed in a pen with a brush at the end. I find this form very convenient, it is easy to dose the amount of product.
I have #2 Ivory, the most multipurpose color.

The product is easy to put and to blend, it doesn't run away (I put it above my eye cream) and it doesn't make my skin dry.
 It is a highlighter but not a concealer so it doest hide the under-eye bags and swellings. It helps to brighten and to highlight the skin and to give your eyes a fresh look.
 It can also be used as a highlighter between the eyebrows, along the sides of the nose, and even on the chin and around the lips. But I don't do this because I have another one.

And now the practical part))

My tired eyes 
put the highlighter
with the highlighter

Do you see the result? It's amazing. I understand now why it is the best highlighter.

Rating 5+
Price - 36,95 euro 

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