Sunday, 10 November 2013

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream

I should confess I started only recently to use an eye cream regularly. I didn't pay much attention to it because earlier I had no serious problems such as dry skin, wrinkles etc. I bought an eye cream from time to time, used a couple of times and gave it to my mum of sister.  Also I used testers which I got buying make-up. But two years ago when I saw the first wrinkles I said "It's time"' and I bought the eye cream from Shiseido.

It's an ultra-rich, age-defying eye cream that counteracts the appearance of all five types of eye-area wrinkles by addressing the triggers that cause these wrinkles to appear. It replenishes youth-nurturing moisture all day long, to retain smooth, resilient, young-looking skin around the eyes.

The cream is in a beautiful glass jar (I know it is  unhygienic and even spatula doesn't protect it, but I like jars more then other forms)

The cream has a thick consistency, it has a creamy color and smells very nice.
The cream is quite rich, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin, but for the summer it will be heavy. So I use it only in the fall-winter time.

It is absorbed quickly enough, after 10 minutes I can apply my make-up. By the way, concealers, highlighters, bases don't conflict with the cream. 

I use it every morning and night as the last step of the skincare routine.
I take a small amount of cream onto the spatula and transfer to the fingertips. Gently apply the cream around the eyes, starting at the upper inner corner and finishing at the lower inner corner (I).
Next, I glide fingers lightly over my eyelids toward the temples. I repeat this motion under the eyes (II).
Last, I blend the cream into the outer corner of the eyes.

What does the manufacture promise us?
- Dramatically redices the appearance of corner crinkling (1), under eye wrinkles (2) and crow's feet (3).
- Formulated with Burnet extract, this eye cream improve the skin slackening and loss of firmness that accelerate the look of lid creases (4) and underpuff lines (5).
Shiseido's original emulsification technology provides rich moisture to skin that is compromised by a harsh, dry environment all day long.

My opinion and conclusion:
The cream reduces wrinkles (1, 2) and makes them less noticeable. No, they do not disappear but some wrinkles are smoothed, became less deep, and some (especially small ones) have disappeared.
I don't have the crow's feet (3) yet and I think using this cream I will prevent its forthcoming.
The cream really improves  the skin slackening and loss of firmness (4,5).
My skin is moisturized and nourished.

Rating - 5+
Price -  57,60 euro

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